Lilongwe, Malawi

As you turned 6 months I got reminded of your miraculous birth. You are the Rainbow that calmed the storm, a blessing at the right time. Looking forward to your growth.


And as you grow remember the road you of being female in this world means an extra push to stay afloat. You will find patriarchal establishments that will measure your success based on gender, and not merit. You will find an environment that is not friendly, and abuse that is justified by corrupted minds full of androcentric ideologies. Yes, you will fight your way up alone, as even some people of your gender will pull you down thinking that is being rational… but they have already been intoxicated that being female means less of a human being compared to men.


Your beauty is not your WEAPON! Your beauty is yours alone, and should not be a justification to open doors on your way.


Establishments within laws and policy won’t always be on your side. Don’t dream of affirmative actions to uplift you as it is